Exfoliating face cream – abrasion and skin-nutrition This exfoliating cream has had rave reviews from users as the ultimate combination of abrasion and skin-nutrition. It cleanses, removes impurities and dead skin softly so that as you wash the cream off, your skin is left invigorated, radiant and fresh. The powder of black Tahiti pearls, which grow from an oyster’s self-protection mechanism when defending itself against the intrusion of a foreign body, is used to demineralize and smooth the texture of the skin’s surface, with all its nourishing effects up front. Sport Hour enhances cellular activity and refines the grain of the skin. Used up to twice a week the exfoliating cream increases the skin’s vitality and radiance.


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1 review for Sports Hour

  1. Jasmine Fahr

    I have had a lot of problems with greasy and dry skin and have tried lots of products to help clean my skin and pores. I am really impressed with this cream, it’s abrasive and gentle and really cleans my skin. I wash it off again completely with water and then put on the day cream. I have less blemishes and my skin feels smooth.

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