Science behind the care

Science behind the care

The Perfume

The perfume is central to the action of the creams. All too often the perfume is designed to mask the smell of ingredients in creams. Some manufacturers do not add perfume but a certain smell can be found that does not add to the action of the creams. The best choice is to choose creams whose perfume is designed to help your well-being and as such your inner beauty.

MyTime cosmetics proposes innovative textures that facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients and that are extremely agreeable together with a unique perfume. What is there to say about the perfume?    A perfume whose main quality is an enchanting smell that guarantees a complete feeling of well-being during the use of the different MyTime cosmetics products rather than the style of perfume in the majority of creams that is designed only to mask the disagreeable smell of many of the ingredients of the creams.

We have undertaken scientific research on the perfume concentrating on the active ingredients and the unique perfume itself. The active ingredients are known for their anti-aging properties (specifically on the activity of free-radicals). The perfume has been developed to isolate a unique olfactory perception of well-being. This scent can contribute to feeling well.

Each aspect of the active ingredients has been carefully developed and integrated into the range of MyTime products with a galenic and texture, and a unique perfume to enhance and optimise the performance of the creams. We are very proud of the range of MyTime Cosmetics creams as they create a unique solution on the cosmetics market. They offer a full poly-sensorial universe, time-out for yourself and your well-being.

Safe product naturally

How can one avoid the wild assertions of many cosmetics manufacturers and the allergy-inducing effects of many organic products?

Using skincare products that are composed of harmful chemicals straight from the lab is not advisable. It’s important to avoid products containing ingredients like Parabens, Mineral Oil, Paraffin, Petrolatum, Sodium laurel – lauryl sulfate (SLS) – sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Acrylamide, Phenol carbolic acid, Dioxane, and Toluene. These substances have been associated with various complications that are detrimental to both skin health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, approximately 90% of cosmetic products on the market include these ingredients. It’s crucial to steer clear of them.

On the other hand, completely organic preservatives are not necessarily neutral for human skin, and up to one in four people experience allergic reactions to them. To strike a safer balance between natural products and the potential of modern technology, it may be better to opt for tried and tested neutral products from the chemical industry. Creating a completely organic product poses challenges related to the stability and neutrality of creams. This presents an opportunity to leverage the best modern technology and the latest techniques while integrating the finest aspects of the organic world.

The cosmetics market is currently saturated, offering either organic products endorsed by various institutions and sporting numerous labels or traditional products associated with different brands. In other words, there is a gap in the market. This presents an opportunity to bridge the divide between organic and mainstream chemical offerings and provide a solution that combines the best of both worlds. By integrating the most up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge, we can offer products that cater to diverse consumer needs.

Prominent brands in the organic cosmetics industry have focused their marketing efforts on the natural origin of primary ingredients and the exclusion of animal products and mainstream chemical industry ingredients (though they may use a few tried and tested neutral ingredients, which we also incorporate). These brands have drawn attention to the challenges of evaluating the harmful effects of many traditional chemical agents in mainstream products on our skin.

While their advice suggests using exclusively organic products to avoid the adverse effects of traditional cosmetics, the issue is more complex. Over the past decade, as organic products have gained popularity, the general public has become increasingly sensitive or allergic to these products. One of the main problems with organic products seems to be the type of preservatives used. Although organic products do not contain parabens, they often substitute them with ingredients like potassium sorbate or potassium benzoate, which have been found to trigger allergic reactions in many individuals. Moreover, certain raw materials labeled as organic can be derived from petrochemical synthesis.

It is important to note that organic products may still contain a proportion of ingredients made through petrochemical synthesis. The organic movement originally aimed to distance itself from practices that were not aligned with life. We fully believe in and share this journey. Our goal is to provide you with the best natural products that utilize the finest raw materials available, combined with the highest standards of technology and practices from the cosmetic industry.

You only have one face​

Technology is an important aspect of cosmetic creams as it pays to use the latest scientific innovation. That is why at MyTime Cosmetics we have chosen the most advanced and innovative technology and as this has emerged from the “open-source” movement. These advances have two specific advantages: they represent the latest real scientific developments as opposed to old patents that form the basis of many well-known brands formulas; and they are safe unlike the risky inventions from the field of stem-cell and nanoparticle research.

Did you know that the majority of real advances in cosmetic research are in the “open-source” arena? Independent laboratories and researchers develop new ideas that are scientifically proven and take these into the public domain to share and show the knowledge. This technology is at the peak of modern day research and not old research that has been dressed up solely to renew an old patent.

Many reputed creams that you undoubtedly know fix their price on dated technology from as fat back as the 1980s. And why, you may ask? Simply because they patented this old advance. Wouldn’t it be better to use the latest scientific research? We think so. That way you get the benefit of thirty years of clinical research and modern day understanding rather than an old-age recipe.

Or maybe you would rather be a modern day guinea pig of a pseudo-scientific new field much in vogue?

Stem cell research from plants is interesting “in vitro” but as humans, related to animals, our cellular structure is not that of an apple (the source of the majority of plant stem cell methods). Animal stem cells have also been used but are no longer permitted and pose a distinct ethical question. These technologies are expensive and highly experimental.

With regard to nanoparticles, the potential risk for human health and the environment have been the subject of much scientific criticism already. Their small size enables them to penetrate our the body through the lungs, the stomach and skin and they disturb the cells they encounter. Further, nanoparticles seem potentially able to cross the brain-barrier and to affect brain cells.

Scientific studies have shown their toxicity in many cosmetic products and in particular sunscreen which are applied on fragile skin damaged by the sun’s rays.

A poly-sensorial universe based on synergy

Well-being is fundamental to beauty. So as to permit natural well-being, an excellent cosmetic cream should comprise a soft and sensual texture with an enchanting perfume that encourages well-being and a ritual of soothing gestures. You discover yourself in a cherished universe that nourishes and maximizes your well-being and care.

To this end, one has to create a synergy between the cream and the care process undertaken. This is very different from the broad claims of many products that are full of lots of active-ingredients. That is not the best approach. Mixing lots of active ingredients is best avoided.

Indeed mixing lots of different creams throughout the day turns your face into a battlefield between the many active-ingredients. If the idea is to nourish and protect your skin you would be better off choosing an excellent cream, watching and feeling its impact on your skin.

Active-ingredients are as their name implies active. They have a real activity on the skin but also within the cream itself as different chemical reactions can occur between active agents that greatly reduces the benefit of the cream on skin. Many cosmetic creams in both the traditional and organic fields contain active-ingredients known to have an antagonist effect on each other and so do not have a synergic effect on the skin.

The idea is to nourish and protect the skin; not to choose a cream with a multitude of different active- ingredients that are there only to suit a marketing premise but present no benefit to the skin. A better approach is to choose a cream with active-ingredients designed to work in harmony, in synergy. This way you will see the benefits on your skin.

MyTime Cosmetics products brings together the most effective formulas and active-ingredients to work in synergy and achieve a leverage affect.  This synergy of the active-ingredients is brought to our senses through a texture that has been optimized for comfort and effectiveness and associated with a perfume known to enhance well-being.

This is the first synergy that then goes on to encompass a poly-sensorial world that enables your skin to relax and for you to take some time you yourself and for your well-being.

Technical data sheet

The range of MyTime products has been developed to make a real impact on the principal causes of skin ageing.

The ageing of the skin is a process of changes in its thickness and elasticity that cause dryer skin and reduce natural protection (the natural equilibrium is impacted). These changes are linked first to the minor aggression and trauma of our daily lives and, second, to oxidative stress. These two elements are the primary elements responsible for wrinkles forming…

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