Recuperation and Repair – loving care A real “Sleeping Beauty” cream, this care product is dedicated to night time, as it enables cellular renewal and recuperation, and leaves your skin soft and glowing from the first faint light of day. The Lipacid C8G watches over our sleep and deeply purifies the epidermis. Enriched in shea butter with its soothing, regenerating and protective properties, it mends any damage caused by hostile environmental conditions that the skin has endured through the day. An extract of bamboo leaf, which is rich in tannins and silicium oxide, closes up dilated pores, eliminates accumulated toxins, and renews the mineral content of the skin. Ubuntu Ximenia, a seed oil from a spiny African bush, which is rich in fatty acids, softens and revitalises the epidermis while the oil of hydrogenated soy restores its rate of moisturisation and boosts its hydrolipid coating. As finely tuned as the hands of a watch, this cream works while you are asleep to put your cellular body clocks back to the right time. And, when you wake up, you will find that your skin is as soft as a baby’s.


Our ingredients :

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2 reviews for Sleeping Hour

  1. Helene Berland

    La texture de cette crème et son parfum très délicat sont particulièrement agréables .

  2. Aisha Jordan

    I really like this face cream. It’s relaxing and soothing. It goes in great and leaves my skin feeling soft. I use it with the day cream and am very pleased with the result.

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