Face Mask – complete feeling of well-being Aquaxyl, the product of a new technology, “hydraconcept”, harmonises the skin’s aquatic flows, noticeably increasing water reserves whist reducing the loss of water from the skin. Virgin Ximenia oil, obtained from the African bush, is rich in acid fats and has a highly sought after nutritional power, especially for dehydrated skin. Apricot nut oil, rich in essential fatty acids, with its softening and reinvigorating properties, helps the epidermis to restructure. Applied for a five to ten minutes, no more, and the skin will gorge on all it needs. It is enough to apply a generous layer on clean skin of the face and neck once or twice a week. While at rest, the skin rediscovers its energy, with a high cosmetic value added recuperation time, thanks to this mask with its creamy texture. The Travel Hour care product is the perfect companion for a trip so that the skin can head off on new adventures, braver than ever before.

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2 reviews for Travel Hour

  1. Carmen Fernandez

    I treasure my routine with this mask. I use it every week before the weekend to help me wind down and to give my skin some TLC. I just LOVE these sessions and best yet my skin feels really healthy after and has a real glow. I would deginately recommend this product :):)

  2. Jasmine Fahr

    Just tried the mask for the first time and it’s great. Like the face exfoliant this is really good product.

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