Nourish, moisturize and protect Enriched with an extract of immortality (Italian helichrysum), this care product releases b-endomorphins with relaxing and anti-stress properties, while neutralizing the negative effects of Cortisol, which blocks the synthesis of collagen and inhibits the moisturizing of the skin. The presence of the phycosaccharide APG forms a film on the surface of the skin that protects it from outside aggressions and pollution. Muscat rose oil, very rich in essential fatty acids and known for its regenerative and restructuring properties, sweetens and moisturizes the epidermis. Finally, the silk Silver Star gives an immediate glow to the complexion, with a soft-focus effect.

Our ingredients :


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1 review for Wake up Hour

  1. Suzie Za

    This is my favorite face cream. Big like. My husband even said how my skin looks better. He never noticed before.

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